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Camera systems
Design and installation service for IP camera systems. Specialty in systems for use in remote and in unusual roles

Remote power solutions
Remote power solutions for remote camera and communication installations and for small scale accommodation.

Data radio communications
Voice and long range wireless data links. Data links in excess of 20km are possible

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Internet Explorer fault


Microsoft's Internet Explorer that comes with Windows has a design fault in it.
By default, it decides whether it should upload current files on a web page. It holds historic images in a memory cache and later redisplays them even if the image has been updated several times on the web site.

To correct the problem as a one-off, hold the CONTROL button on your keyboard and click REFRESH with your mouse. This will force Internet Explorer to ignore cached memory and download the current images on a web page.

To permanently correct this "caching" error. Click on the following image to be shown what to change.

How to correct IE cache error


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